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Rancho La Teja in Andalucía

A dream come true

When we bought the ranch, there was nothing on it but wild grass and a little creek crossing with old olive trees on each side. Step by step we created our little paradise:

The first year only the horses were living on the ranch whilst our family rented a place in the village nearby. We spent every free minute on our land planning and building, starting off first with paddocks and stables, a round pen and then the main house. Once the roof of the house was finished, we slept inside on the floor, just to be able to spend even more time on site. 
We planted and watered every single tree by hand and brought in all our love to watch it grow slowly.

Later we had the guest houses built, the riding arena, more stables, paddocks and corrals, a tack room, a stunning pool and even a vegetable garden to grow our own food. We had more and more horses come in, as well as dogs, cats and chicken. And we had a lot of help from wonderful people, all of them contributing to the lovely atmosphere you can experience visiting. 
Rancho La Teja is a magical place where the mist likes to rest in the morning and the sun and the moon meet in the afternoon to greet each other.; where the sunset in the west is reflected on the opposite side in the mountains, thus opening a spectacular show of pastel, purpur and reddish colours, embrazing the whole ranch. There is no day like the one before. 

At Rancho La Teja we are living our dream leading an authentical ranch life to which we invite you to participate. 

Round Pen
Main house with pool
Main house
some of our dogs
Guest House Terrace
Mice Police
cleaning and grooming
The egg factory
Chilling place
The boss
Our alarm team
Casa Mostrenca
The Ranch: Acerca de mí

About Andalucía

Population: 7 million (about 20% of Spain´s national total)
Area: 87,300 km sq (17.3 % of the Spanish territory)

Andalucia is composed of eight provinces, stretching from the South-East to the South-West of the country, each one named for its capital city: Cadiz, Cordoba, Jaen, Huelva, Almeria, Malaga, Granada and Seville.

Once Spain´s poorest region, Andalucia - and specifically the provinces of Malaga, Granada and Seville - is now one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe, thanks to its sandy beaches, beautiful countryside, spectacular mountain ranges, fabulous monuments and high-spirited people who live life to the full and are well known for their exuberance, warmth and hospitality.

As well as Andalucia´s fascinating cities and dazzling shores, the region is sprinkled with tiny unspoiled villages and whitewashed towns - the famous pueblos blancos, like Prado del Rey o El Bosque, Arcos de la Frontera which are located only 2 to 15 minutes by car from our ranch. 

Within 1 hour driving distance you can reach various beautiful places, such as Seville, Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Sanlucar, Ubrique, nacional parks, mountains, stunning beaches and many more. 

The Ranch: Acerca de mí
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