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We love to share our lifestyle with you

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Ranch holidays

Sun, dust and the smell of freedom....
Book your holiday with us and experience real ranch life. Wake up every day with the sound of the animals, relax and become part of nature. Enjoy an extraordinary experience in the heart of Andalucía!

You will stay in one of our cute guest houses and if you like, you can accompany us with our daily tasks, such as feeding the animals, organising the stables or watch us train the horses.

But you can also participate actively and sign up for horse riding lessons, clinics or horse trails. 

Chill out at our lovely pool with a view over the entire ranch, visit the beautiful mountains, rivers, beaches and famous white villages and have some tapas in one of the traditional restaurants in the "pueblos blancos" nearby.

Check out our accomodations!



* Roping clinic:

Learn working with a rope from the ground and on horseback and give your skills a boost! We offer clinics with and without cattle. 

* Cattle clinic: 

You always were interested in learning how to work cattle on horseback? With us you get the chance to taste real life cowboying and you will enjoy an authentic and amazing experience. 

* Colt starting: 

Join us starting young horses, learnig how to communicate with them and make them want to work together with us. You will be amazed how much we can learn about ourselves and the big changes little things can provoke. 

* Trail riding: 

Let yourself be challanged by different obstacles on our natural trail. As your skills grow, the confidence in yourself and in your horse will expand. We promise a lot of fun!

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Individual cattle drive

If you can not make it to one of our clinics, you can still work cattle with us individually. Depending on the time of year, there are different jobs to be done where you could assist.
Contact us to check out dates and come and explore authentic ranchlife together with us!


Horse riding lessons

We offer horse riding lessons for all ages. We can teach you different riding styles such as western, working equitation or dressage. But we are also working together with some of the best teachers in Andalucía for Doma Vaquera. Just contact us to design an individual package for you.


Horse boarding

Have you ever thought of spending a longer time in Andalucía? Maybe you want to bring your own horse or we can help you find your dream horse in Spain. 
We offer a wide range of different horse stables, paddocks or open fields, all with the possibility of social contact between the animals. We will find the type that best suits your horses needs - Let´s have a chat to obtain more information.

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Guided horse training

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own young horse but you lack experience? Step by step we can lead you through the entire process: from the first time you make contact with a green horse, all the necessary ground work preparation, up to the first time your horse allows you on its back. 
We can assist you during further training or you can leave your horse with us to continue schooling it. 

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