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Our Team

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Natalie Kraft

Head of Rancho La Teja / Horse Trainer

"Running my own ranch has always been my dream. Since I can remember I have been in love with horses. Them being the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning and last thing before I go to sleep is the greatest gift life has given me, apart from my children.

There are no words to describe what it is like feeling that you are part of nature, breathing in the smell of the seasons, sharing the fields and the mountains with the wild and domestic animals that surround us. Every single day awaits us with different surprises. It is hard work, long days and there is only little free time but there is really no urge to take holidays from a life you really love. Rancho La Teja is run by family and friends and we have a beautiful spirit on our ranch willing to share it with others."

Natalie Kraft is a passionate and experienced horse trainer and nature lover.

In 2000 she came to Spain to expand her knowledge of how to ride and train horses, looking at a variety of possible ways and meeting many different horse trainers. Being open minded, eclectic and thirsty to learn allowed her to develop her own working style and her main goal still is to improve her skills each and every day, growing her consciousness and sensiblity.

She is dedicated to training horses, starting colts, working with cattle, giving riding lessons and coaching people, always adapting to the abilities of each personality, no matter if two or four legged

Besides she adores hosting guests and giving the opportunity to others to dive into the every day routines at Rancho La Teja. 

Our Team: Acerca de mí

Oliver Kraft

Head of Rancho La Teja / Horse Trainer

"When I work horses I need to have a purpose in mind. I love it when my horse becomes my partner and together we persecute a mutual goal. I let the horse participate as a full team member on which I have to be able to rely when doing my job, and I make sure the horse knows it can rely on me."

At the age of 5 years Oliver had his first riding lessons. He was tought dressage until he was 18 years old. It was then when he got fascinated by the American way of working with horses and he became keen to learn everything about Western horses and how to ride them. Later on he went to the United States and Canada to expand his knowledge and obtain savy from some well known trainers.

Working with cattle is when training horses really makes sense for Oliver.
This is his passion: Training ranch horses and using the rope or the garrocha when doing his cowboy job on open countrysides. 

Oliver is a very committed trainer towards his students and tasks and his main focus lies in performing clinics where he can pass on his skills and knowledge regarding cattle work, trail work and ranch work. He also combines working classes with dressage, offering clinics and lessons in Working Equitation and some other disciplines. He is an expert in ground work, horsemanship and trailer loading which makes him a highly professional all rounder. 

Our Team: Acerca de mí

Kimberley Bradley

Ranch Manager / Marketing Director

“I always wanted to live and work on a ranch with horses and Rancho la Teja is the perfect place for me to make this happen.
Not only am I working on the ranch and with the animals, but also organizing and managing the ranch, holiday rentals, social media and marketing.
Here I have the possibility to expand my knowledge in lots of areas, but especially in working with horses which are my passion.
There is an amazing team on this ranch where everybody helps and supports each other, while living the wonderful Andalusian lifestyle.”

Kimberley has been surrounded by horses all her life. She grew up in Germany with her German mother and English father and had her first own horse when she was 13 years old.
She studied Business Communication in England, Spain and Germany. As she then started her career in a multinational company, she was not able to ride horses for some time. After 8 years of working in an office, she decided to change her occupation because there was a very important part missing in her life - nature and horses.
Her goal is to become a horse trainer and have her own ranch one day.

Our Team: Acerca de mí

Mario Morilla Kraft

family and ranch member

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Mario has grown up with horses, dogs and all other animals on the ranch. He loves ranch life and he always helps out when needed.  Currently he studies to become a guide for outdoor adventure sports which includes trail riding, canyoning, cycling, hiking and many other outdoor sports. He adores being out in the mountains practicing rock climbing. Our ranch is on a perfect spot to do all of this. Luckily we live right near the nicest mountains of Andalucía but it is easy to reach the beach within an hour, too. 

Our Team: Acerca de mí

Lukas Morilla Kraft

family and ranch member

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Lukas loves nature, sports and he adores horses. He is riding horses whenever he can. Luckily we have the most wonderful trails pointing to all directions, starting right in front of our entrance gate. Basically any village nearby can be reached on horseback. You can choose between many beautiful sandy roads, through oak forests, alongside  lakes, rivers and creeks. But you can also ride into the mountains and if you have a lot of time...the trails even lead you to the beaches in the South. 

Our Team: Acerca de mí
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